Who is the sand elf? / Info

Die Sandelfe is our small family business founded in Berlin in 2008, which designs and produces adhesive foil sand pictures itself and offers them in the online store.
We conduct workshops at major events such as school festivals, street festivals and also at children's sports events.

Since 2021 we have also been offering sand pictures for children's birthday parties in the Sandelfe party room in Berlin - Steglitz.

We are manufacturer & wholesaler .

Our sand pictures are adhesive foils pre-cut with patterns, from which you first remove the contours of the pattern with the help of a pike and these with
(black) sand filled. It sticks to the adhesive layer.

Then you gradually solve the others
surfaces of the template and sand them with colors
own choice until 100% of the image is covered with sand .

You can let your imagination run wild and individual surfaces with different ones
Techniques can also be colored in multiple colors, so that ultimately great unique pieces are created.

Apart from the fun factor
promote our adhesive film sand pictures
fine motor skills, concentration, color understanding, creativity and learning ability.


Our adhesive foil sand picture templates are made in GERMANY.

In our small family business, everything is made by hand or with semi-automatic machines.

The more than 290 sand picture motifs come from my own pen and are therefore subject to copyright.

Licensed motifs are not possible for legal reasons.

The colored sand also comes from a reputable German manufacturer and does not contain any dangerous substances. However, not suitable for consumption.

The use of the "Pikser" is at your own risk!

If, despite the utmost care, a defective delivery should occur, we ask you to inform us so that we will rectify the error immediately. In the event of damage caused by the transport of the shipping service provider , please complain there immediately.


starter set

Starter sets are perfect for beginners in the world of sand painting. Here you will find 15 small sand bags of 20g each, a pick and instructions for use. Do not be afraid of mistakes, you can achieve beautiful effects even with your first work.

maxi set

If you want to organize a colorful birthday party or a creative children's event, you can benefit from the volume discount with maxi sets. A maxi set includes 19 different sand bags from 25g per bag, a spade and instructions for use.

Theme maxi sets

Halloween parties, Christmas parties, birthday parties often follow a theme. This also applies to our themed maxi sets in DIN A4 and 15x20cm .

Discover exciting combinations of motifs in this section.

A maxi set with 19 x sand in the right amount is included.


With the right tools, the path to art is made easier.

If you want to refine your work with the help of frames or glitter or if you still need sand and bowls to finish your creation, it is worth taking a look at this category.

DISCOUNT (12%) for social institutions:

First register, send proof by e-mail, wait for a personal answer and only then order.

Please make a note of the discount code we will send you for future orders.

The system does not calculate a discount without manually changing the customer group!

Ordering on account is only possible for this customer group (please don't let the "pay now" button irritate you)

ATTENTION: When ordering, please state the billing address required by the department responsible for billing!

Experience has shown that shipping service providers often cannot find the addresses of day-care centers, schools and other public institutions.

Therefore, please consider providing a reliable home address as the delivery address.


  • Would you like to supplement the offer of your children's event agency or similar with our sand pictures?
  • Use our sand pictures permanently for your ergotherapy practice or similar?
  • Would you like to offer your young guests in hotels, shopping centers or bathing paradises, indoor playgrounds, leisure facilities, markets or schools etc. an extraordinary activity with our adhesive film sand pictures?

Ask for our business customer price overview (please send trade license).

We would be happy to send you a sand set to try out free of charge.

We appreciate your interest!

sandelfe@yahoo.de / Iris Özcan

Book workshops:

Book an adhesive film sand picture workshop with Sandelfe staff, minimum order 40 templates (more are welcome!):
  • For example for school festivals, Advent bazaars / handicrafts, children's sports tournaments, street festivals and other major events...
  • We set up our sand picture stand at your place (from approx. 20 square meters, depending on the number of participants).
  • The adhesive foils - sand pictures - workshop - participants can then purchase the templates directly from the sand elf.

In this case, you as the organizer may incur travel and accommodation costs if the distance is greater.

  • A booking for your event at the total expense of the organizer is also possible.