Book workshops

Book an adhesive foil - sand picture - workshop with Sandelfe staff (minimum purchase: 40 adhesive foils), for school festivals, Advent bazaars or handicrafts, (after-school care) holiday care, daycare centers, children's sports tournaments, street festivals and other major events.

Large event stand (indoor minimal)

The sand elf will set up her sand picture stand at your place (from around 20 square meters, depending on the number of participants).

The workshop participants can then purchase the adhesive foils directly from the sand elf. In this case, you as the organizer may incur travel costs if the distance is greater.

A booking at the total cost of the organizer is also possible.

You are also welcome to ask our partners listed below directly (ATTENTION: their own conditions apply here).

Location E-mail address phone Surname website
Berlin-Brandenburg 03379-5926862 Iris Ozcan -
Kassel-Northern Hesse 0561/3103637 Ellen Polle Visit
Twistetal-Hessen 05695/9929462 Karen Finke Visit
Stuttgart 0176/38757119 Birgit Krollpfeiffer Visit
Duren 0170/7884303 Alexandra Rehfisch Visit
Karlsruhe 017624612388 Carmen Günter Bartl Visit