Instructions for use

A sand picture emerges.
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Grip the pike like a pen and rest that hand on the table for more stability. If possible, start at a corner of a cut edge, feel the resistance, then push the film part away.
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An adhesive layer appears underneath.
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Thoroughly sprinkle contours with black sand.
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Carefully pour excess sand back into bowl. Check whether the adhesive surface is completely covered.
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Thoroughly tap the adhesive film clean from the back.
Carefully place the pike on the cut edge, feel resistance and only then push up the film...
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...remove the film...
...and sanded with sand in the color(s) of your choice...
Proceed like this...
...carefully peel off the sand picture layer by layer...
...and sanded...
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...until all surfaces are filled with sand.
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...including the creative design options.

"Help me do it myself!"

Maria Montessori

General information:

You need a bowl with the largest possible diameter for each color, as well as a spoon

The sand elf recommends working "stationary" with larger groups (separate work table(s) and sand table(s).

Place the vessels at a distance from each other so that they cannot tip over.

Arrange the colors next to each other as closely as possible.

This is how they should stay.

Creative suggestions:

In additional bowls , mix small amounts of coarse sand (except white and skin) together.

Pay attention to dark / light contrast (3-4 colors).

You can also mix some (COUGH) glitter under the sand

When processing the individual surfaces, you can achieve beautiful effects if you:

- Scatters the sand with your fingers and thus applies several colors one after the other and lets them run into each other (salt scattering technique)

- the protective film of the background does not tear off as a whole, but in parts - piece by piece - and sanded in different colors.

- carefully “paint” details with a spoon and a little sand.

- Carefully scrape off lines/patterns from a larger area that is already covered with coarse sand with the "Pikser" and fill them with sand of a different color (press on!).


Never leave children unsupervised with this product!

Small parts that can be swallowed / danger of suffocation!

The colored sand does not contain any dangerous substances

Use the pike at your own risk!

Instructions for use are included with every Starter Set and Maxi Set order.

The sand elf recommends protecting the finished sand paintings with picture frames .

In order to get an even more precise idea of ​​the sand pictures of the sand elves , please also watch the following video: